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Vast data centers known as "clouds" are becoming the laboratories for the data-crunching of scientific research, from genetics and seismology to nanotechnology. This process, moving research onto silicon, has been going on for years. But with the growing petabytes of data nearly every realm of science hastens the migration to this new type of data-intensive supercomputer. How is cloud computing changing scientific research?

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Socially Defined Networks? Hmm…more

The concept of machines behaving socially as networks is very interesting and huge kudos to both Alex and Chris for...

Cloud Integration for Hybrid ITmore

It’s no longer a question of if your company will be adopting cloud-based solutions, but when and how many.

Cloud Computing: 2012 Industry Perspectivesmore

A roundup of the key developments and challenges for enterprise cloud computing in 2012 by Ali Din, Sr.

Innovative Cloud Filmmaking with Tiffany Shlainmore

Tiffany Shlain, award-winning filmmaker and founder of the Webby awards, creates disruptive innovation using social...

ENGAGE in Online Premiere – a cloud sourced filmmore

Acclaimed Documentary filmmaker Tiffany Shlain invites you to view the Online Premiere of her new two minute film...

Business Technology Trends to Watch in 2013more

In 2013, IT buyers will be looking for increased stability and better ways to prepare for the next five years in their...

Cloud Backup Services - Best Cloud Backup Provider Listmore

Choose the best cloud backup from the Top 10 Cloud Backup services list & discover why cloud backup is so essential.

Global Cloud Index: Traffic to Grow Sixfold by 2016more

In the second annual Cisco Global Cloud Index (2011-2016), Cisco forecasts global data center traffic to grow fourfold...

Service Providers Can Take a Bite Out of the $30 Billion SaaS Piemore

Service providers continue to struggle to monetize the tsunami of data traffic flooding their networks from consumers...

Public Cloud Services will Gain New Momentum in 2013more

Worldwide spending on public IT cloud services will be more than $40 billion in 2012 and is expected to approach $100...

Cloud Service Usage Now Mainstream in UK and Irelandmore

The increased uptake in cloud service adoption is truly a worldwide phenomenon. New research published by Cisco Systems...

Embracing a Cloudy Forecast for Broadbandmore

Amsterdam may be the one place on earth where it rains more than it does in London. So, it was no surprise that I...

Moving Enterprises Toward the Cloudsmore

In 2010, the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) sought answers in a wide-ranging survey. At the time, the...

The Cisco Cloud Connected Solutionmore

According to the 2012 Cisco Global Cloud Networking Survey, the majority of IT decision makers cite a cloud-ready...

“3 Kings of Cloud Computing” Motley Foolmore

...might like to know the names of these three cloud computing giants, no?

Put Your Head in the Cloudmore

and months of installation. Now all you need is a couple days and an Amazon gift card. How cloud computing finally...

SMBs, IT Security and leverage cloud computingmore

Cloud Computing IT Security Benefits Dispel Adoption Barrier for SMBs. Strategy for SMBs

Assay Depot Partners with AstraZeneca to Launch Virtual Research Labor...more

Assay Depot Partners with AstraZeneca to Launch Virtual Research Laboratory

The Place Where Cloud and BYOD Meetmore

The move to cloud-based business applications and desktop virtualization will be accelerated as people bring their own...

Cloud-Based Collaboration Services in Asia-Pacific Governmentmore

Government agencies are reportedly one of the primary benefactors of managed cloud services. According to the results...

After Two Years in the Cloud, New Paradigms Prevailmore

The business world’s rise to the cloud has been dramatic and increasingly rapid. From an initial attitude of vague...

Western European Private Cloud Infrastructure Growthmore

The western European private cloud market will grow at a CAGR of 23.2 percent for the next five years to reach $7.

Top 10 BYOD and Virtualization Market Insightsmore

Like it or not, some enterprises have already entered a post-PC world -- where their business communication network...

Cloud Infographic: Is Your Cloud Dirty?more

Greenpeace releases an accompanying infographic to their report - How Clean is Your Cloud - showing you the status of...

Cloud Computing and Tech Stocks in the News: NEWT, RAX, WRAPmore

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