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Lead generation (commonly abbreviated as lead-gen) is a marketing term that refers to the creation or generation of prospective consumer interest or inquiry into a business' products or services. Often lead generation is associated with marketing activity targeted at generating sales opportunities for a company's sales force.

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7 Big Questions for B2B Marketers in 2013 | Buyer Personamore

The more change occurring the more questions arise. This year is no exception. B2B Marketers are experiencing...

Leadership & Perceptionmore

We'€™ve all heard the saying €œperception is reality,€ but is it true? Does perception never, rarely, sometimes, or...

Beyond the Issacson Bio - Steve Jobs'€™ Future Insightsmore

Patrick Meyer’s new book “Steve Jobs & the World of Mobile” is designed to show Job’s vision and inspiration in...

One Way to Know the Ideal Buying Scenarios for Lead Nurturingmore

Knowing which buying scenarios are best for lead nurturing can make a big difference in BB marketing.

10 TED Talks to Help You Become an Innovative Leadermore

I've recently been thinking about and discussing with a client the topic of innovative leadership. As in what makes an...

What is a Tweet Chat & How Do I Participate in a TweetChat?more

TweetChats are great B2B Sales Prospecting tactic. Post includes How To Video with directions for participating in...

The 4 Things You Need to Know to Make Any Business Successfulmore

While there is no silver bullet, every business needs to answer basic questions about how will they create, deliver,...

On Playing Favorites — S. Anthony Iannarinomore

To treat all of your salespeople the same is to abuse some of them.

Is Your Lead Generation Off-Target?more

How B2B Marketing and Sales can benefit from lead research and lead personas to be on target with buyers.

Complex Buyers Are Rating Youmore

Scorecard (Photo credit: Aaron Landry) The economic meltdown of a few years ago marked a turning point.

How To Network Better on LinkedInmore

LinkedIn is a great B2B and B2C networking tool if used correctly. Here are three simple tricks to improve your...

The Seven Deadly Sins of Lead Generation - Webmarketing123more

We spend our days talking to B2B marketers about generating leads through SEO, Paid Search and Social Media.

The Dark Art of Uncertaintymore

Engineers hate uncertainty. (More precisely, it scares us to death.) And our role in the company is to snuff it out at...

Sales Prospecting Strategies & Tactics: The Invisible Salemore

The Invisible Sale shows you how to leverage digital tools to attract more qualified leads, shorten your sales cycle,...

Approaching Approach Avoidance — S. Anthony Iannarinomore

The things that you are telling yourself might happen aren’t going to happen, and even if they did, absolutely no harm...

The Art of Buying: Knowing how and why buyers make purchase decisionsmore

The Art of Buying: Knowing how and why buyers make purchase decisions

softwareleads - Forcing Compliance Is Not The Way To Generate Medical ...more

It's a prevalent idea among medical software professionals that despite the widespread availability of EHR and...

A Value Proposition for Your Sales Call — S. Anthony Iannarinomore

Make the sales call about your dream client, and you will more easily earn the commitment that you need to create and...

Using social for customer service can help SMBs drive sales, with 66 p...more

American Express found that SMBs can distinguish themselves by using their web presences to improve customer service.

How to Do Your Best Work — S. Anthony Iannarinomore

You do your best work when you give it the energy and attention it needs. You need to give your energy and your full...

5 Affordable and Time Saving Lead Nurturing Tipsmore

We meet different types of client’s everyday during the lead generation process. We carry on with our transaction,...

TEDGlobal 2012 -€“ Radical Opennessmore

This year'€™s TED conference in Edinburgh, Scotland was rich and bold like an espresso of ideas. We live in a world...

Stop Hiding From Your Fears — S. Anthony Iannarinomore

If you are going to grow, if you are going to improve your performance, you can’t do so while hiding from the...

BANK OF AMERICA - New Heights in Eco-Constructionmore

The book Greenovate! documents 53 case studies that are defined by “sustainable, green innovations.

Business Marketing Strategies: Can Outsourcing To Telemarketers Help Y...more

The biggest problem that could face firms is the need for quality B2B leads. In cases like these, it sure makes it a...

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