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Information on leadership themes including diversity, engagement, and motivation, and how they affect businesses' bottom-lines.

Leadership is part of Business Exchange, suggested by Linda Carvalho. This topic contains 7,011 news and 2,003 blog items. Read updated news, blogs, and resources about Leadership. Find user-submitted articles and reactions on Leadership from like-minded professionals.

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Jon Landau to Keynote Tech Summit on Cinemamore

Academy Award and two-time Golden Globe winning producer Jon Landau will keynote NAB Show’s Technology Summit on Cinema...

Bookseller Leadership Mistakesmore

First Borders, then Barnes & Noble CEOs make the wrong leadership decisions. Borders was founded by two brothers;...

Executive Assimilationmore

It is even more critical that newly hired senior leaders have a smooth transition into your organization.

Filling Critical Organizational Rolesmore

Only 4% of U.S. employers report having an ample pipeline that will cover most of their leadership and management...

Employee town halls should not be like a potluck or Thanksgiving dinne...more

Grassroots Leadership by the Rising Middle Classmore

The business world has been buzzing about the rising "global middle class" for at least a decade.

Being a Theologically-Grounded Leadermore

Society's concept of being a leader may be associated with individuals in positions of power. The reality is that those...

If You Want To Be A Successful Entrepreneur, There Is No Such Thing As...more

There is no such thing as work-life balance, if you truly want to be successful.

We Lead Through Competitionmore

All life is competitive. The plant or the tree competes with its neighbor for light and moisture, the successful one...

Sharp Insightsmore

There is a difference between information and insights. Accessing good data is becoming easier, but reaching insights...

Interview with Mr. Gobind Ram Choudhary, M.D., Anmol Bakersmore

While Anmol Bakers is undergoing a major business transformation to stay ahead in the market race, the company’s...

Why business owners should watch their money and timemore

Business owners tend to watch their pennies, but don't watch how much time they waste. But, they can make more money by...

What it takes to Follow the Leadermore

The aim of every aspiring leader should be to move people emotionally in a way that releases their discretionary effort...

Do you thrive in the social era?more

Are you, or want to be, a game changer? Do you use the power of your ideas and connections to grow and change?

“Anmol Positions itself as the People’s Brand”more

As the Managing Director of Anmol Bakers, Mr. Gobind Ram Choudhary, has already taken Anmol brand to great heights in...

Apple’s Innovation Problemmore

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a very tough job. Not only does he have to run the most valuable tech company on the planet,...

The Ultimate Guide To Pinterestmore

Everything you wanted to know about Pinterest. ...

Ayelet Baron Helps Us Get Unstuckmore

I knew that Ayelet had "divorced her job" as chief strategist for Cisco Canada to take on bigger things.

Patent Trolls Beware: Humanity Strikes Back!more

Reigning in patent trolls: A glimmer of hope, plus how they cause trouble for technology startups.

Be aware of the lifestyle expat!more

Congratulations to @HerbHogue, SVP, @EnPointeTech for his promotion an...more

We’re happy to announce the appointment of Herb Hogue as Senior Vice President of Professional Services &...

Passing The Authenticity Testmore

What can you tell me about yourself? Your response to that question, and even your body language and tone of voice...

How to Advance Your Innovation Careermore

What can you do to advance your innovation career in times like this? Let me present some ideas and hopefully you can...

A High Powered Application of Caring — S. Anthony Iannarinomore

The power of caring is unmatched in it’s power—both inside and outside of the company. It’s the foundation of trust.

Who Will Do What to Drive Microsoft Businessmore

Tami Reller retains her roles as chief financial officer and CMO and will assume responsibility for the business of...

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