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The leading social network for business, LinkedIn has some 20 million users. It's still small compared to Facebook and MySpace. How is it growing as a company? What services is it adding? How are people using it to change their jobs, and to change the way we do business?

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Two Deputies Wounded In Hunt For Christopher Dornermore

In breaking news, authorities say two deputies have been shot in the hunt for Christopher Dorner in the Big Bear Lake...

VIDEO How to Organize Connections in Linkedinmore

Learn how to organize connections in Linkedin. Create groups that make sense for your business. Add contacts to...

How to Use Linkedin Tags in Your Business Marketingmore

Learn how to use Linkedin Tags in your business marketing. Get ideas for tags to use and what marketing steps to take...

Callaway Partners with LinkedIn for Golfersmore

The three connection types created from the LinkedIn API - The Company Insider, The Business Contact, The Golfer.

Beam Me My Upload, Scottiemore

Technology has changed our lives, but is it changing us?

A Facebook Status Repositorymore

Subconsciously, everyone loves gossip and the latest research from California suggests Facebook gossip is more...

The Twitter Relationship Stairwaymore

All things Twitter is upon us. You can do a simple search on Google and pull up a huge number of entries on Twitter or...

Running Effective Promotions Through Social Mediamore

Running promotions through your social media channels is an effective way to draw and engage more people than you ever...

How do you use LinkedIn at work?more

If you are working in a job you love but want LinkedIn to work for you at work, how do you use it?

How to Recover From a Twitter Hack - C...more

Do you know what to do if your Twitter account is hacked? Here are four steps to take to regain control of your account...

Are You on Social Overload?more

A year ago, I penned a post titled "My Big Messy Social Life" in which I listed the many social media...

Converting Your Clients and Followers to Evangelistsmore

Evangelists, by definition, are thought leaders who pave the way with their writing and their way of thinking.

Relationship Building Through Social Mediamore

Relationships are at the heart of social media success for your business. You online strategy must include the concept...

Writing Effective LinkedIn Headlinesmore

Many people now understand that LinkedIn is an important social media tool for business. There are many different...

Social Media Customer Service - Turn Critics Into Brand Ambassadorsmore

Some businesses shy away from using social media because they're afraid of negative feedback. That's understandable,...

Job Search Checklist #17: Employer Value Statementsmore

Employer Value Statements show your next employer the impact your accomplishments had on past employers.

Refresh your LinkedIn Profile in 5 Minutesmore

It’s easy to let your LinkedIn profile appear dormant. Refresh your LinkedIn profile in 5 Minutes.

Effectively Building Your Fan Basemore

You can’t build your brand without having a fan base. You need to get people to connect with you and become loyal to...

Identifying Social Media User Typesmore

There are so many different social media channels and so many different people using those channels. Not all people...

LinkedIn is focused on mobile - your company should do the samemore

A LinkedIn spokesperson told me how the company is embracing a mobile first strategy --and you might want to be...

Cultural Intelligence In Customer Satisfactionmore

It seems obvious that in today’s global economy, large and small businesses should train their employees to deal with...

Tumbln into Tumblr: 7 Reasons it Hits a Social Media “Sweet Spot”more

If you haven’t considered adding Tumblr to your social media portfolio yet, this post offers seven reasons why it hits...

Are You Ready for the #SocialEra?more

A few months ago, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. Instagram had 13 employees at that point in time.

Tweaks to Make to Your LinkedIn Profilemore

If you put a lot into LinkedIn, you get a lot out of it too. If you set up your profile with scant information, you are...

You Know Someone – But Is It The Right Someone For Your Job Search?more

The way most contacts try to help you is also the least effective ... the resume pass. Here's 5 questions to tell if...

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