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Despite a weak dollar, existing markets for luxury products remain strong and new markets in developing economies are opening up around the world. Which luxury companies are succeeding, which ones are struggling and why?

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In Time for Father’s Day | 6 Wristwatch Gift Ideasmore

This Father's Day, June 16, give Dad something he really wants on his special day. Wouldn’t Dad like to receive a...

Gold Prices Plunge Amid Interest Rate Fears | Gevril Groupmore

Investors watched nervously as gold prices fell precipitously after the Federal Reserve hinted that they might reduce...

Meccaniche Veloci Wows Couture Crowds with Only One Watchmore

Meccaniche Veloci watches had a strong appeal to the crowd at Couture Las Vegas 2013; a collection of fine timepieces,...

Diamonds are Whatever: Marketing’s Shiniest Success Storymore

Time to admire the skill of marketers who can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary...

Louis Erard Watches Fascinate Guests at Couture Show 2013more

Jewelers and retailers at Couture 2013 Las Vegas were astonished at Louis Erard’s unique combination of Swiss quality...

Edox Swiss Watches Top-Tier Models on ShopNBC August 13more

ShopNBC will be airing a very special Edox event. Edox has never offered top-tier models like these on ShopNBC before,...

Gevril and GV2 on ShopNBC Wednesday, April 10thmore

On Wednesday, April 10th, Gevril and GV2 return to center stage for two all new ShopNBC events, featuring Gevril and...

Versace DV One Skeleton Watch Introduced at Baselworld 2013more

The new Versace DV One Skeleton Watch, introduced at Baselworld 2013, combines the brand’s most iconic watch case with...

Louis Erard Watches Invitation to Baselworld 2013more

Louis Erard Watches is pleased to invite you to view the exciting new Louis Erard Watch Collection at Baselworld 2013,...

Tova's Vintage Shopmore

Tova's Vintage Shop Nice Niche Feature Black & White Photograph: Owner, Tove Vigen and Minka, the shop dog 100...

Fortis Watches Continue to Amaze at Couture Showmore

The crowds at Couture Las Vegas seemed just as excited about what Fortis watches were going to do next as in what they...

New Saint Honoré Worldcode Diving Watch | Baselworld 2012more

The impressive new saint Honoré Worldcode Diving watch is a serious tool for snorkeling and skin diving and is the...

Gevril Mens 2002 Columbus Circle Astrological Symbols Watchmore

The Gevril Mens 2002 Columbus Circle dial design, with its series of concentric rings and wheels, is indeed reminiscent...

Brian Gavin Diamonds Introduces the Coronet Solitaire Line of Fine Dia...more

HOUSTON, Texas, Dec. 3, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Widely respected Houston jeweler/diamond cutter Brian Gavin and...

Versace Watches Star at Couture Las Vegasmore

The beautiful Versace exhibit at Couture Las Vegas was a popular destinations for jewelers and retailers, showcasing...

eBay Rebrands | Gevril Groupmore

In an effort to bring more services to online merchants, eBay undertook a re-branding campaign and re-launched Shopping.

Couture 2013 Las Vegas Exclusive Watch Giveaways | Gevril Groupmore

Every day of the 2013 Couture Show, Gevril Group will be offering fabulous prizes, including Ferragamo, Versace and...

Apple iWatch Rumors | Gevril Groupmore

Using Bluetooth and the cloud to communicate with other devices, the Apple iWatch could be a game changer.

Louis Erard Mens 30208AA02.BDE10 - 1931 Exhibition Watchmore

The intricate and innovative Louis Erard 1931 Exhibition Watch is characteristic of the quality and craftsmanship that...

How to Break Paritymore

If you don'€™t break away from parity in your category, your innovation will be invisible in the marketplace.

AXE Plans to Send Fans into Space with Apollomore

You can hope to enjoy a new experience: a trip to space. How? Here's a video of Buzz Aldrin, one of the first men to...

3H Italia Unisex CC10 Cube Chronographmore

Square watches are big this year. Very big! The beautifully engineered 46mm 3H Italia Cube Chronograph is impossible to...

Victoria Texas Mom and Make-Up Artist Takes Success to Online Web Port...more

VICTORIA, Texas, Nov. 8, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Makeup Artist Christina Sanchez has been passionate about makeup...

Swatch Group and Stührling Settle Watch Lawsuit | Gevril Groupmore

The Swatch Group, alleged that Stührling and ShopNBC were trying to sell an intentional copy of their triangular...

Versace Vanity Chrono Debuts at Baselworld 2013more

The exquisitely detailed Versace Vanity Chrono, debuting at Baselworld 2013, will satisfy the most discriminating...

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SALES MANAGER - Sell luxury condominiums for the 2012 Builder of the Year! Toll Brothers | Philadelphia, PA
Posted: Jun 10
Luxury Sunglasses, Retail Sales Promoter and Sales Marcolin | New York, NY
Posted: Jun 10
Retail Sales - Luxury Handbags - The Mall at Green Hills Nordstrom | Nashville, TN
Posted: Jun 1
Hi-End Luxury Auto Sales Audi West Houston | Houston, TX
Posted: Jun 5
Visual Merchandising Manager - Top Luxury Goods Company Mergis Group, A Division of Spherion | Miami, FL
Posted: Jun 2

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