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John Agno

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Professional Training & Coaching, Greater Detroit Area

Coach Agno makes a difference through personal coaching along with self-coaching insights delivered to your computer, eReader, tablet, smartphone or through paperback books. Agno's low-cost self-coaching books offer life-changing possibilities to those willing to allow their perceptions to evolve but with limited financial resources.

He specializes in mentor coaching of professional coaches, career women coaching and providing onboarding coaching to newly promoted or recruited executives during the first six months in their new positions. Additional information on Agno, including personal and corporate coaching services, can be found by keying in "john agno" on an Internet search engine. Press KIt:

Agno helps clients achieve increased clarity and focus while expanding self-awareness as they design the personal and professional life they want. The purpose of the coaching relationship is to help the person-being-coached pay attention to their intentions and get to where the client wants to be.

Why Coaching? Coaching considers the teaching model naïve about our human capacity for self-improvement. No matter how well prepared people are in their formative years, few can achieve and maintain their best performance on their own. Download and listen to this MP3 recording of an interview of Coach Agno on why coaching:

Agno holds the designation of Certified Executive Coach by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and is also a Certified Business Coach by the International Consorta of Business Coaches.

Self-coaching books include: Can't Get Enough Leadership: Self-Coaching Secrets, Ask the Coach, When Doing It All Won't Do: A self-coaching guide for career women, Women and Time, Women, Know Thyself, Decoding the Executive Woman's Dress Code, Boomer Retirement Life Tips and Books for Boomers.


Work Experience

Associate Coach
Business Success Coach Network
2/2012 - Present
Coach to Coach Network
10/2000 - Present
Signature, Inc.
1984 - Present
Executive & Business Coach Training
B/Coach Systems
2002 - 2003
VP Marketing & Administration
Stirling Power Systems
1980 - 1987
General Manager
Thetford Corporation
1973 - 1980


University of Florida - Warrington College Of Business

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