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Rick Whitley

65 contributions



Human Resources, Houston, Texas Area

Driven by accelerating global competition, organizations feel a need for agility like never before. They must improve performance, mitigate risk and reduce cost all at the same time. Executive teams are looking to their Chief Human Resources Executive to maintain and improve their business’s organizational capability and intellectual capital.

In most organizations 80% of costs are people costs. What a huge opportunity to improve competitive advantage by innovative actions. Think about what it would mean to a firm’s overall performance if it could improve the extent to which their workforce has the skills, motivation and training necessary to improve the day-to-day execution of their responsibilities by just 20 or 25%?

Given the forecast labor shortages and the corresponding rising recruitment challenges, companies are looking to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) not just to supplement, but rather to transform their Talent Acquisition and Management functions.


Work Experience

HireSuite Recruiting a la Carte
4/1998 - Present
Director International Energy Services
Petro Chem Technical Services Inc
7/1996 - 5/1998
1992 - 1996

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